I’m a dirty-mouthed mom.  I say vagina and penis.  I talk about fat girl problems.

How often have we been told to “act like a lady” and “watch your mouth”, even as adults?  That you’re a bad mom because you say “bad words”?

Then I guess I’m a bad mom.

And, I don’t get why we women judge each other, the worst.  We call each other “bad mom” because we do things differently.  (Even addicts, short of real abuse, can use some sympathy and empathy from those of us with different demons to face.  We all have our own demons.)

I know my topics of choice won’t win me mother of the year.  That’s not what I’m looking to do.  I’m out to point out my flaws to the Universe, to mess up and write about it, to find a comrade out there who might have gone through something similar and find a spark in my stories that compels them to laugh, nod, smile, or smack their head.

My blog will talk about vaginas, and peni, and music, kids, marriage, my attempts at suburban homesteading, projects, my unhealthy love of Craftsman houses in my local city, messing up dinner, Great Dane owner, with a healthy dose of swearing mixed in.

My history?  I got my first sex ed lesson at 7 (it was age appropriate, don’t freak out).  I volunteered at Planned Parenthood when I was a teen.  I walked in a women’s rights parade in San Francisco when I was 10. I hustled dildos for years and was a sex educator during that time (I still am, in a way).  I love the group Poison (way before Rock of Love), I can line dance, I’m into Permaculture, I have a day job in the legal field and I sometimes take pictures with my Sony Alpha (it’s ancient by technology standards but I love it (and who can afford a new DLSR every 2 years?)).  I also like to use parentheses.

I’m a certified SCUBA diver, I love camping and eating abalone (sometimes I refer to my daughter as Abalone, capitalized, so you don’t think I eat my children) and love 4×4 wheelin’.

You can find my first blog post about vaginas here.


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