Does This Make You Uncomfortable?

I just can’t. Even.

Look, I’m sure you’re all fucking tired of listening to us bitches talk about Trump saying “pussy”.  Or about Dani I’mThePlaymateOfTheYearDumbass WhateverHerLastNameIs with her fat shaming and sexual assault of that woman she took a photo of.

Well, guess what? This bitch gets to complain about the bullshit too.   Surprise!

I’ve been sexually assaulted and street harassed.  It’s happened since I was 14 or 15.  It’s not fun and it’s not wanted.  And it’s not stopped.

Let’s just put this out there now:  I have a damn right to walk down the street without being jeered at or asked for sexual accommodations.  I have to right to go to the gym without the dirty looks by men and women. I am not on this planet to be judged for the worth of my body in sexual favors.

I’m not hot and sexy.  And I can’t for the life of me understand why I’m still being ogled.  Yes, I have big tits.  I was born with the genes to make them.  That is not an open invitation for you to ask me, “Damn girl! Are those double-D’s?”  (And your estimate was so, so, wrong. Idiot). Can I ask you “Damn dude!  Is that a number 2?”

No!  I fucking can’t.

So when Donald and Dani decide that they can just comment on someone’s body and ridicule it, or violate it, that’s wrong!  It’s fucking wrong! Grabbing a woman is a violation of her body.  Taking unwanted and/or unknown photos of a woman is a violation of her body.  Stop!!

And the smart ass woman (no, I don’t know your name.  I don’t give a shit what your name is) who tweeted that we shouldn’t be offended by Donald’s use of “pussy” because we’ve all read 50 Shades Of Gray…..Can you see my WTF face right now?  You can’t be serious.  Are you serious?  Do you really believe that bullshit?

Let me spell it out for you- cunt, pussy, vulva, snatch, twat.  I can say alllllll the words.  They’re not offensive to me.  And I’m willing to bet a lot of other women aren’t offended by some of those either.  It’s not the words he used, it was the unreaonable and unwelcome actions he wanted to do with those words.

I’m so vulgar.  I’m the queen of awkward conversations and sharing things you didn’t really need to know about me.  But I don’t find “pussy” to be vulgar. It’s just another word.  “Pussy”does not matter to a whole helluva lot of men and women who are appalled by Donald’s “locker room banter”.

When is this shit going to stop?

I’d like to share a prank call.  It’s from Brooke and Jubal, radio hosts in Seattle.  This is “Christian” chatting with Justin about Justin’s new gym visits. Listen to the part when Christian starts “complimenting” Justin’s body and how Justin gets uncomfortable with what he’s hearing.  THAT is but a small fraction of how women feel when they are bombarded with this shit.

P.S. Any shit ass comments will be deleted and I will figure out how to ban you from my blog.  So don’t bother.


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